Design Ideas and Tips for Small Space Living

Don't have a lot of room to work with? Don't fear. Small space decorating can be an extremely fun challenge as it all comes down to making the most of what you've got. Here are some design tips and tricks to help you widen and liven up any small space.

Let In The Light

Natural light is a surefire way to brighten things up, and when it comes to design, brighter means bigger. Let the natural light come through the windows and use additional lighting to bring in some warmth. If you have no table or floor lamps, consider pendant, string, or scone lighting. 

Stick To The Perimeter

If you are going to put big furniture in the room, make sure it stays on the perimeter so as not to block the visual line of sight or clutter the floor space. Keep larger items against walls to maintain a sense of depth. 

Look for Multi-Purpose Furniture

Help cut out clutter by seeking furniture that can be used in many ways, like a coffee table with hidden chairs for extra seating, desks that convert to dining nooks, and beds that can be used as couches. Multi-purpose furniture will make your space more functional and enjoyable day in and day out. 

Use Mirrors

Strategically placing mirrors throughout your space can give the illusion of extra room while also bouncing natural (and non-natural) light around the space. This brightens things up and makes the square footage grow. They're also very practical! Consider adding one big one or, if the space calls for it, multiple small ones. A gallery of wall mirrors could also pair with artwork. 

Get Creative With Storage

Keeping clutter out of the way is a must-do for any small space, and that means having ample storage to keep things when they're not in use. Choose furniture that gives you more room to store, like an ottoman where you can put blankets and linens or under-bed storage that doubles as stylish drawers or cabinetry. 

Ideally, your storage options won't be limited to shoving it all into a closet when you have company. Get creative with where you put things and, remember, if you haven't used it in six months, you may not need it. 

Go Vertical

Drawing the eye up is a definite way to make a space feel larger, so think about how you can use the vertical space in your small room. Taller items and light fixtures placed high on the walls will help you bring eyes up when they can't go out. Shelving and artwork placed up high can have the same effect.

Similarly, you might want to hang curtain rods well above the top of your actual windows. Floor-to-ceiling drapery can also make your space feel grander. Plus, if you have the budget and capability, you might consider adding crown molding, which can give the illusion of height and depth. 

Divide Wisely

If you're creating a multi-functional space out of a small room, you can help it feel as big as possible by using rice paper dividers, sheer curtains, and functional shelving rather than cramping up your space with furniture and walls that block light and visuals. 

With these tips in mind, you should be ready to move forward and conquer your small space design challenge. Good luck!